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Drypoint Prints

Here are some examples of my drypoint prints in combination with

monoprint.  They are all part of small variable editions, usually 10 or fewer.

The monoprint element means each print  varies, sometimes quite radically, is unique and cannot be reproduced exactly. 

The longer I have worked as a printmaker, the more I have felt the need to have some works which allow me a more painterly approach. Each print exciting me anew - or not!


If you are interested in buying one of these prints, I will always send a photo of the actual print I have available so you can be sure of your purchase.

My etchings and gravure prints, on the subsequent pages are more orthodox, and are all part of a larger edition. Etching is another favoured process. I adore the gradual tones obtainable with aquatint, but lately I have become less fond of working with acid.


I now live surrounded by the urban landscape, but spent my formative years in a small village in Bedfordshire, where I learned to recognise and name the shapes of winter trees, which are stll imprinted on my memory. Fields of wheat, vast areas of open common ground, and of course the woods were my playground. I was very fortunate to be immersed in rural beauty.


Having lived in London now for many more years, I still gravitate towards the open areas, where I can see huge skies. Nearby Blackheath, fulfils that need and Greenwich Park provides the most amazing trees. There are excellent viewing points locally where the setting sun gives spectacular light shows, which inform many of my prints. The river too, especially at dusk provides that inspirational magic.

I work from my own studio using

my Bewick press. I sometimes start by working ‘en plein air’ in the fields, the hills or on the marshes working first in pastel, simply sketching and observing. These early sketches

are an emotional response to

the subject and feed both my

printmaking and my imagination.

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